Sunday, May 1, 2016


I think maybe I think too much.  But, hey, I am a Yankee fan and I have to be thinking about better days.  As Bob Costas eloquently said calling the Sox-Yankee game on MLB Network last night, "The Yankees can't get any worse than they are right now.  They're in the basement of the AL East."  Thanks, Bob, we know. Besides hoping this Yankee losing nightmare ends soon, I have been contemplating something equally perplexing, at least to me as a Yankee fan who despises Boston Red Sox fans, especially when they drive their cars into my state.  So here is my question and I preface this by saying, I am bitter and I am angry.  Why are Red Sox fans' cars so dirty?  I mean, don't they have car washes in Massachusetts? Every car adorned with a Red Sox logo of some sort that has passed me either while I am running or in my car driving this week has been absolutely filthy.

Now some may say that my judgment is a little clouded because the Yankees are terrible right now and the Sox are in second place in AL East.  But I say no.  I see the cars, they are covered in dirt and they have Red Sox stickers littered all over them.  

Maybe it's the decals that actually make me sick.  I mean maybe I see dirty cars and then I see the Red Sox logo and I deduce that Sox fans don't wash their cars.  I don't know.  But I do know this.  It's only May 1st and I am completely and utterly frustrated with the Yankees that even the sight of a car with a Red Sox logo puts me over the edge.  I mean it's crazy, but it's true.

You have heard me rant about Red Sox fans with tattoos sitting next to me at Kenny Chesney concerts and people wearing Boston apparel at the shore.  These things annoy me for sure.  But this week, I had had enough.  Ugly cars, covered in dirt/Red Sox logos, in plain sight, are too much for me to endure along with the heart ache of losing game after game because no one bothered to consider that everyone else in the AL East beefed up their starting lineups this year but us.  Starlin Castro, although a nice addition to our team, is not beefing up the offense.  

So, it's no wonder that I am aggravated.  And things like Red Sox logos and dirty cars are getting to me because the Yankees just aren't doing what they need to in order to remain competitive.  Perhaps, I will be able to see clearer and tolerate more once the Yankees start winning.  But for now, if you have a car with a Red Sox logo, please stay out of New York and New Jersey.  I can't stand the look of you!

--Suzie Pinstripe, BYB Senior Staff Writer
BYB Hot Stove Columnist
Twitter: @suzieprof

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We here at Bleeding Yankee Blue have taken a bold stance this season. Because this April has been horrible for the Yankees and it's fans, we're not doing recaps of bad games because I gotta tell ya, this is a pretty bad team.

We're not running and hiding. We still love our Yankees and the brand, but there are just so many ways to say the Yankees suck, and we're pretty much done saying it.

I do want to share with your some of the reactions to the Yankees lately among fans.  Some are funny. Some are expressing the same frustration as many of us are.  You gotta check this stuff out:

"It's really really hard to watch Yankees baseball these few weeks. There is no excitement, nothing making you want to watch past the 4th inning." -Danny

"I cannot believe this team! We have the talent. Why the hell are they so bad?" -Greg
"I'm really trying hard not to look at the standings. I keep having to remind myself that it's only APRIL!!!" -Valerie

"Girardi is the absolute worst. What happened to leadership???" -Anthony

"Don't know why you got heat for your article "The Yankees Suck" it was spot on and it's what this blog was built on. Telling it as it is, not as some would like it told." - Charles
"Casey, I get that you don't want to rant everyday about this lousy team. But you gotta let loose.  We love the ranting and this team needs a shaming! They are a terrible ball club." - Mike
"I won't watch the Yankees anymore." -Mary

It is a sad, sad time in Yankeeland when I, who am a diehard fan, did not watch a single inning of the Yankees, Red Sox "rivalry" so far this weekend, and I probably won't watch today either.  I am going to say something horrible right now... I do not care about these Yankees.  I don't care if it's April or September... this is not the Yankees we signed up for.  As fans, you kind of need to demand better.

Stop telling me it's early. I do not care that it's early.  I want wins... we all do.

I just needed to share this post today.  Try to enjoy it.  Keep reading BYB.  We still have amazing commentary, opinion and great articles on life in general.  But I refuse to keep boring you and wasting your time on recaps of Yankee losses and articles about how bad we are as a team.  That's just bad journalism. If we have opinions, solutions on how to fix this team, we will do that, and take some jabs, but writing every single day about how the Yankees are horrible is just not my cup of tea... I don't even like tea.

Be Read. Get Known.

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Saturday, April 30, 2016


Okay, we are all tired of the lack of hitting. Heck, I am tired of writing about the lack of hitting. But I really thought tonight was going to be a big night for the Yankees. After all, we face our arch-rivals who are having their own struggles, we have our ace on the mound, and the opposing starter didn't get out of the second inning the last time we faced him.

The Red Sox sent starter Henry Owens to the mound against the Yankees' Masahiro Tanaka. This was Owens' 13th start of his career, with only three quality starts under his belt. He certainly gave the Yankees chances, yet they couldn't seem to land any blows. The Yankees started with both Jacoby Ellsbury and Brett Gardner reaching base, only to be followed by a Carlos Beltran double-play grounder and the Yankees failing to score.

The second inning started with an Alex Rodriguez home run. This was a welcome sight, hoping that his oblique and his swing were both back in full strength. Starlin Castro followed later in the inning with a triple. I started to hope for a big night. Then a fly out and throw out at the plate ended the inning. The Yankees finally broke through in the fifth inning for another run but ended up leaving men on second and third to end the inning. Four of the first five innings had the Yankees on the wrong end of a double play, and innings 6 through 9 had the last 13 Yankees retired in a row. In what is becoming the hallmark of the team this April, the Yankees were 1 for 5 with men in scoring position.

Masahiro Tanaka, meanwhile, was pitching a gem. Through the first six innings, the Red Sox reached third for only one at-bat. They did not get a ball in play in the air until the 4th inning. It wasn't until his 99th pitch in the 7th inning that Tanaka gave up an extra base hit to center fielder Jackie Bradley, tying the score at 2-2. It was also the first hit Tanaka allowed with men in scoring position. He finished the night striking out 5 and walking none. Dellin Betances came in to hold down the fort. Unfortunately, in what has become vintage David Ortiz, Betances gave up a 2-run homer to him and the Red Sox had a 4-2 lead. It would be the final score.

It was a painful night. It was a night when our rusty bats should have come alive against mediocre pitching. It was a night against the Red Sox when everybody's adrenaline should be up a few notches, but it just didn't happen. Let's hope we see the unhittable Michael Pineda tomorrow night. And maybe a few timely hits too.

Final: Red Sox 4 - Yankees 2

--Ike Dimitriadis, BYB Senior Staff Writer
Twitter: @KingAgamemnon

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Friday, April 29, 2016


Over the past few days, stemming for Joe Girardi’s comments, nearly everybody who covers or talks about the Yankees has made some sort of remark regarding ‘the shift’. Actually, BYB has a great commentary about it by Suzie Pinstripe.  Be sure to check out JOE SAYS 'NO MORE SHIFT'.  

Joe Girardi says he would ban it and many people have come to his defense. I see their argument to an extent... you know, that it has caused certain players batting averages to drop and what would have been hits are now ground outs. But here’s a novel idea: Don’t hit into the damn shift! 

As a baseball coach and baseball guy I love the shift. I deploy it with my youth teams and use it relatively effectively. While I don’t have the stats that the professionals do, I do have two eyes and a pretty good memory and know which players are pull happy, so I use it to my advantage.

While being a pull hitter is a not a bad thing necessarily, if you are solely a pull hitter you essentially eliminate half the field. One of the arguments given for banning the shift was the field is built that way for a reason. That’s true, but what if a guy like Mark Teixeira never hits the ball to the normal third base position when batting left handed? 

Do we just leave the third baseman there with no chance of ever getting the ball hit his way? I say no. The field was built that way for players to hit to all of it.

I don’t know how many times I’ve seen Tex or Brian McCann or any number of other left handed hitters try and take a pitch down and away, a good pitcher's pitch, and pull it. What happens nearly 100% of the time? The roll over it and it ends up being a 4-3 put out.

Now here comes this insane idea… Drive the ball to left-left center! Whoa! That is insane!

There was this pretty good hitter from the 1980’s and 1990’s who accumulated 3,141 hits over 20 seasons in the big leagues. He finished his career with a Hall of Fame .338 average and coined the phrase the 5.5 hole. The hole he is referring to is between the third baseman (position five) and the shortstop (position 6), thus the 5.5 hole. Tony Gwynn was a great hitter and hit the ball to all fields.

Us coaches, at least the standard coaches, teach players to think ‘hit the ball up the middle or the other way.’ I recently saw a video featuring Mike Trout:

In it, he says he focuses on driving the ball to right center every time he takes BP. In case you don’t know, he’s pretty good. It’s a great video and give you a pro’s view on an approach to hitting. Good hitters should have that mentality and when a pitcher does decide to come inside, turn on it and yank it to the pull side. But if you think pull, pull, pull, you lose half the field before you even give it a chance.

While it can be frustrating when a team deploys a shift and a guy like Tex hits a rocket one hopper to the second baseman who is playing in right field, there is half a baseball field completely wide the hell open on the left side of the infield. So wide open. There is not a soul playing over there. Why don’t these guys take that pitch on the outer half and just hit it that way?

It’s not rocket science.

By no means am I suggesting power hitter not try to drive the ball in the bleachers on their pull side, I’m just saying that’s not the way to hit in its entirety. Power hitters should look to drive the ball into the stands and guys like McCann and Tex do that. But they also bat below .250 now because that’s all they do.

While I respect other people’s opinion on the shift, it is not ruining baseball. It is an effective strategy aimed at giving your team a legal advantage. How could they enforce that rule anyway? I believe it would be very difficult and would cause a ton of headaches for umpires, managers and so on.

If these players and managers are so against the shift, counter it; flank it.

Don’t always hit the ball into the damn shift! That’s why they created the other half of the field.


 --Dan Lucia
BYB Senior Writer
Twitter: @DManLucia

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I'm not surprised by anything anymore.

Looks like Dee Gordon of the Marlins has been suspended for 80 games because of PEDs. According to ESPN:

"Miami Marlins second baseman Dee Gordon has been suspended 80 games without pay, effective immediately, for violating MLB's performance-enhancing drug policy, the league said early Friday.

The speedy second baseman tested positive for the performance-enhancing substances exogenous testosterone and clostebol, MLB said."

Look, this is what baseball needs, to punish players and the fact that Dee Gordon couldn't see what was going on with Alex Rodriguez, and then Jenrry Mejia this season, well too bad for him.  I do know this, Dee Gordon is a very good ballplayer and never felt like he got the credit he deserved.  Whether or not that was factor in all of this, who knows, but now the dude is suspended and somewhere in the country, a Dee Gordon fan is crushed, much like when my son realized that guys like ARod and Manny Ramirez dabbled. It's heartbreaking to see kid's with idols disappointed. 

Look, cheating and 'getting an edge' has always been in sports.  It's just a shame that in this environment, in 2016, even with restrictions and punishment, it really doesn't matter.  Players still try and not get caught...but they always do.

Gordon's the latest.  See you in 80 games.

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