Wednesday, October 1, 2014


It's called The Players' Tribune, and it's bound to be awesome.

It's a way for the fans and players to interact alittle better.  As Derek Jeter writes in his mission statement:

"...I do think fans deserve more than “no comments” or “I don’t knows.” Those simple answers have always stemmed from a genuine concern that any statement, any opinion or detail, might be distorted. I have a unique perspective. Many of you saw me after that final home game, when the enormity of the moment hit me. I’m not a robot. Neither are the other athletes who at times might seem unapproachable. We all have emotions. We just need to be sure our thoughts will come across the way we intend.  

 So I’m in the process of building a place where athletes have the tools they need to share what they really think and feel.  We want to have a way to connect directly with our fans, with no filter.

I am working with other athletes, with editors and with producers to create a platform that gives us a chance to say what’s on our minds. It’s called The Players’ Tribune. Over the next few months, we’ll be introducing a strong core of athlete editors and contributors who will shape the site into an online community filled with first-person stories and behind-the-scenes content.

My goal is for the site to ultimately transform how athletes and newsmakers share information, bringing fans closer than ever to the games they love."

Give the guy credit. He retired from baseball Sunday.  He's now Founding Publisher of The Players' Tribune. Hot stuff.  Click on it to find out more. You can also like it on Facebook by clicking HERE.

BYB reader, Corri Blank wrote this about it and me this morning:

 "Sounds like a great idea. Thanks for wanting to stay with us, even if it's off the field. Now let me suggest an editor or consultant that I think would be an excellent asset to your "new TEAM". Mr. Robert Casey of Bleeding Yankee Blue. :)"

Thanks Corri. That's very kind... I'm blushing.
Derek... call us...
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2 years in a row, the Yankees have not made the playoffs.  2 years in a row iconic Yankees have retired. Yankees that had helped bring the club to the World Series 5 times.  It’s a damn shame, but that’s life and as Yankee fans, as spoiled as we may be, we are tougher fans because of it.  Don’t bow your head in shame. Stand tall.  Don’t start talking smack to your Dodgers fan friends and Orioles buddies.  The lesson is simple; their team won, ours did not.  If you’re a true baseball fan, you tip your cap to the better team and then we think about what’s next for ours.  It brings me back to the Bronx last Thursday night.

Derek Jeter stood there after his walk off and said to Meredith Marakovits, and I'm paraphrasing... "Congrats to the Orioles this year." Then there was alittle booing.  Then Jeter said, "They deserve it." They do.

We can discuss what went wrong in Yankeeland all we want.  The debate on firing everyone or no one and why our Yankee offense sucked isn’t going to solve a damn thing right now.  But now the seasons over, and now our team will regroup.  Here's the reality; Looking at our lineup on paper, we were ready to take on the world.  But that didn’t happen.

At the end of this season, did you think for a moment that guys like Chris Capuano and Brandon McCarthy would keep us going? I sure as hell did not.  I was wrong and I feel bad about that. When players believe, great things happen.  I’m thankful to those guys. Some things worked this season and some things didn’t.  But the worst thing we can do as fans is blast the competition because they beat us.  There wasn’t cheating or name calling… they just beat us. Get over it. We’re Yankee fans, we’re not children. We need to act like we expect our team to act.  Remember class and pride and tradition? Well, that means us too ladies and gentlemen.

A few weeks ago I stopped being mad.  It’s not my nature. My nature is to fight, stay angry and keep plugging away, and we’ve never stopped here at Bleeding Yankee Blue.
But here’s the truth;  Despite the rest of America and New York writers like Jayson Stark claiming the Jeter Farewell Tour was too much, it happened anyway.

The best part of us being Yankee fans is, we get it.  The reporters, the commentators will never truly understand fandom like we do because we’ve seen Derek walk tall since day one and fell in love with his professionalism and character.  The reporters, the non-Yankee fans don’t see what we see.  That’s OK. We get it… they don’t.  The sports reporters need to report first.  That’s their job.  If they need to press buttons to sell papers and tell us all that Derek Jeter’s a hypocrite and Jeter is not the greatest ever… they know they’re gonna get to all of us.  But you need to ignore it, we really do. Why? Because the reality is… they have a job to do… we are the fans.  Hey, in some regards that’s why Bleeding Yankee Blue is here.  We ARE fans, and we give you the fans perspective and that’s why you read us.  The sports guys aren’t gonna do that.  Here’s the thing though. Once you understand their craft, ignore it.  Read them, comment, but know it’s a game… it’s a job for them. We are the fans… ultimately, we control it.

The Derek Jeter Farewell tour was amazing down the stretch, but there is no question, it could have been better if the Yankees made the playoffs and perhaps won the World Series.  But we didn’t. But look... no one died.  The reality is, as a team, we didn’t have what it took to make it.

It’s disappointing… it sucks. Again though… you power through and as a fan, you rise above it. I’m not 18 and in college anymore and I’m not gonna punch a hole in my Yankee poster on the door because they lost… Those days are over.  I’m still the same fan. I just lived alittle more all these years later.  We lost, and now we need to fix it. I guess that's my fatherly instinct... sue me.

Put it in perspective. Are you gonna tell your kid to run over to the opposing team’s pitcher and kick him in the shins after a bad loss? No. You line them up and they say, “Good game”, even if you don’t mean it. The reality is, “The best man wins” and we weren’t the best man. Hell, we may not even been second or third best… but we tried with what we had.. and we failed.

I’m gonna leave you with this; Failure makes you stronger.  I belief that losing and allowing that sting to happen once, maybe twice, makes an individual see the eye of the tiger.  No one wants that sting to happen again.  You get a fire in your belly.  You see the big picture.  You believe that you can overcome failure.  That’s a life lesson. That’s what makes an individual come back with more ferocity the next time.  That’s why I always fell in love with guys in sports history that never gave up…

Olympic Gold medalist Dan Jansen. Michael Jordan. Rudy Ruettiger. Yankee pitcher Jim AbbottJorge Posada.  Yankee Prospect Ty Hensley.  And yes… Derek Jeter.  Believe, fight, win.

2014 wasn’t our year, but losers don’t pack up and go home. Losers dig deep to find that flame again.  The Yankees will be back ladies and gentlemen as a team and even though Derek Jeter won’t be there, it doesn’t mean we fold.  The tradition is there.  The character and leadership is there. We will be back and come Opening day, when the New York Yankees take the field… guess who else will be there… all of us.

We’re the New York Yankees…. We’re family. We’re winners and will will rise again. I know that… and I know you know that too.

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The Kansas City Royals won the Wild Card came against the Oakland Athletics last night in an unforgettable game.  They won 9-8 in 12 innings.  It was truly a great game. You need to tip your cap.

Then, for some strange reason, I noticed this on Twitter:
I had to respond. I mean first of all, full disclosure, we have a relationship with Brandon Steiner. He's a good guy who found a way to make money in an open market. How is that a bad thing? Secondly, isn't the whole idea of winning is to work hard and push to try and win it all? Isn't that what those 27 championships are all about?I don't understand the cheap shot and I don't understand inserting Yankee fans into the scenario. We didn't ask for it. I wrote back:
I mean, I don't get it. Why the hell are we involved?  It's just dumb.

Congrats to the Royals. The better team won last night.

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Alex Rodriguez has officially finished serving his 162 game suspension. The infamous third baseman is indeed coming back to the Yankees. Much to the chagrin of some fans, he has not gone away. Sorry, guys! The question is, what can we expect from ARod in 2015?

Joe Girardi addressed the issue at his press conference on Monday. "Do we expect him to be a player on our team? Absolutely. Do we expect him to play third base? Yes, but in fairness we have to see where he is at," said the Yankee skipper.

Makes sense. Look, the Yankees and ARod agreed on this contract. I'm not a fan of the long contract. It eats up too much time and money. But, both sides need to live up to their side of the bargain. ARod is expected to play. He's been working out for a while in preparation. Girardi is a smart manager. He knows that ARod, having been out all this season, may not be up to the task of being our regular third baseman. There will be days where he plays DH. But the bottom line is he WILL play. He Girardi will probably spend time during spring training watching how ARod does at third, and give the job to the best qualified player. It's not a guaranteed position for ARod. He'll have to work for it.

I know there are mixed opinions on the matter, and you are entitled to yours. But if you can produce for us, then great! Anyone that can help the team succeed, has my support.  The only true expectation for ARod is to lace up his cleats, and swing his bat. Produce some runs when they are needed, and maybe even help out defensively as much as possible. I don't expect 50 hrs, 100 RBI's and a .350 batting average.

Bottom line, I root for the laundry. I want ARod to succeed, because it means the success of the team. Simple as that.

--Erica Morales BYB Senior Writer 
Twitter: @e_morales1804


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Tuesday, September 30, 2014


Brian Cashman will be back. It's only a matter of time.

According to many sources, but we'll us the New York Daily News on this one:

"It has been assumed for months that Brian Cashman would return with a new contract to continue as the Yankees' general manager. With the Bombers' season officially over, that process is underway.

According to a source, the Yankees and Cashman are in the midst of hammering out a new deal for the GM, who just completed his 17th season in the position."

Of course, during the season I was convinced that Hal Steinbrenner was making some type of cryptic statement about Cashman when he said he wasn't sure about Cashman:

We wrote in CASHMAN'S END IS COMING in August: "So let me explain what this means. It means simply, if the Yankees don't make the playoffs... Brian Cashman is out of a job.  If they make the playoffs, but lose, they'll evaluate, but, Brian Cashman is out of a job.  If they win the World Series... he 's safe.

I love my Yankees... but let's be realistic..."

Well, I was wrong, which doesn't mean much because I never claimed to be an expert, I claimed to be a fan.  Clearly the Steinbrenners don't blame Cashman for the Yankees shortcomings in 2014.  After all, Cash brought in the players, they just didn't perform.  At any rate, when a deal comes down, we'll be sure the BYB audience knows about it.

Damn, I'd love to interview Cashman and feel him out on this season and beyond.  Maybe one day soon I will. Stay tuned...

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If you remember, during the season Carlos Beltran was battling an elbow situation.  It was probably why he struggled so badly.  In the end, he announced that he would have surgery after the season.  Well, it happened.

According to Bryan Hoch, the surgery took place and they removed the "loose bodies", i.e. bone fragments, cartilage and such from his elbow.  According to Hoch:
Look, I was pretty hard on Beltran this year.  He didn't bring it like expected.  I called him old, I called him alot of things and I now take it back.  After I read his wife had a miscarriage, I found a soft spot for the guy.  Read PRAYERS FOR BELTRAN & HIS FAMILY for more. 

Bottom line, who knows what was going through the guy's head during his wife's pregnancy and who knows if there was more than a normal pregnancy going on. I don't dare look into his personal life, all I'm suggesting is, I feel for the guy.  I'm a father and husband. Clearly I think too much.  The best thing now is Beltran is on the mend, and maybe next year we start with a clean slate.  I know he enjoys the pinstripes... I just want the guy to do what we pay him to do... hit home runs and come through in the clutch.

Get well soon Carlos.

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